Airports & Flight Information

Airports: Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, JFK 

Based in NJ, Newark Liberty International Airport is closest to AERCO and the hotel that attendees will stay at. It will be the least expensive with respect to a limousine/car service transport to and from the airport. New York's LaGuardia and JFK airports are further from AERCO and more costly when using a limousine or car service. In addition, attendees travelling from LaGuardia or Kennedy airport should anticipate approximately $15 interstate tolls in addition to car rental or car service costs. 

Scheduling Return Flights
It is strongly recommended that return flights depart after 8:00 PM on the last day of class. Training runs until 4:00 PM on Thursday and attendees must allow for travel time, rental car return, and security checks. Certification will not be issued to attendees who depart before 4:00 PM on the last day of class.

Travel Time To and From Airports
Whether renting a car or using the limousine service, allow for at least 1.5 hours travel time for Liberty airport and 2 hours for the New York airports.
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