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Benchmark Platinum

The Benchmark Platinum is AERCO's most advanced boiler yet featuring a powerful bundle of innovative technology and components that optimize your premium system and maximize efficiencies by up to an additional 9% including:

  • AERtrim: patented O2 Trim technology
  • Dual Returns: enables maximum efficiency and application flexibility
  • onAER Remote Monitoring: pro-active performance and health-of-system monitoring
  • Industry-Best Warranty

Incorporating AERCO's highly reliable, stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger, the Benchmark Platinum's 750 and 1000 provide engineers, facilities management, and building owners with the flexibility to fit in both retrofit and new construction that require one or multiple 750 or one million BTU/hr boilers.


Advanced combustion control systems in high efficiency boilers need to maintain precise air/fuel ratios in order to work properly and maximize efficiency. However, environmental variations (such as humidity, atmospheric pressure, filter dust loading, delivered gas energy content and other factors) can often wreak havoc on gas boilers causing them to deviate from the ideal oxygen-fuel ratio.

AERCO's innovative, patented AERtrim monitors the actual conditions of the Benchmark(r) Platinum and self-adjusts its combustion process to ensure your system is operating at optimal O2 levels and peak system efficiency. With proper O2 levels, you'll have greater uptime reliability, save money with increased efficiencies, produce lower emissions, and create the ideal environment for condensing to occur. You'll also lowers operating and maintenance costs and receive an additional 1-2% in seasonal efficiency gain. Oxygen levels can be directly displayed on the unit in real time or be remotely monitored via Modbus or onAER, giving customers the ability to measure the emissions level and fuel economy of the boiler without traditional combustion calibration devices.

Dual Returns

Most traditional boilers only have Single Returns which limit engineers to designing generic applications that force the blending of hot and cold water temperatures, which create a small Condensing Zone in the Heat Exchanger thereby reducing efficiencies. However, Benchmark(r) Platinum's Dual Returns allow engineers to take full advantage of diverse load demands specific to a site and design a customized system that maximizes operation efficiencies by keeping cold water separate creating a much larger Condensing Zone thereby enhancing boiler efficiency up to an additional 7%.

Dual Returns are ideal for applications that feature combination systems including, but not limited to Multi-zone space heating, space heating with domestic hot water combination systems, radiant floor heating, pool heating, snow melt, and supplementary heat for heat pump systems.

onAER Remote Monitoring

AERCO's onAER Remote Monitoring service is a premiere online service which grants the user remote access to view boiler plant operation and status, track performance and efficiency, and set and view alerts such as faults or maintenance. The onAER service can be set to provide alerts to local trained technicians, offering additional peace of mind, ensuring the utmost uptime reliability and helping you prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear of your equipment as well as premature failure.

Last modified: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 10:37 AM