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OriGen Overview

AERCO's OriGen is able to capture and turn low- to medium- temperature waste heat into clean, usable electrical power. Because of this capability, the OriGen can be used across an extremely broad range of applications - everything from landfills and oil refineries to food and beverage manufacturing plants and even office buildings. It's an energy saving solution for your entire enterprise.

Instead of burning fossil fuels, the OriGen generates power using waste heat in a continuous, closed loop, so it's fossil fuel-free and emission-free.

Saving energy by not burning additional fossil fuels translates directly into saving money - ROI is typically within two to four years.

With ORC technology and the innovative twin-screw expander the OriGen is able to create clean power for an extremely broad range of applications. Its power output ranges from 20kw to 1MW and can be combined to generate higher output plants. With payback within two to four years, you can't afford not to incorporate one into your enterprise.

Last modified: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 10:33 AM